User timesheets must be entered against task - Jobs

If you are using jobs and tasks together you may want to make adding time to the related tasks mandatory.  Here we will take you through the steps in setting up compulsory timesheet entries against tasks within a job. 

This is useful to have for your staff so that when they enter their time it will have to be assigned to a task within a particular job.

Step 1: Navigate to Jobs and select All Jobs, then choose a job

Step 2: Select Edit from the Job flyout

Step 3: Tick User timesheets must be entered against tasks and then hit Save

The following steps are what your staff will now see when entering in their timesheets.

Step 1: Select Timesheets and + to make a Timesheet entry against that day

Step 2: Select 'Select Job'

Step 3: Select the Job you wish to add time to

As you can see below, you will now have to select a Task from the list of tasks associated with that Job to make a timesheet entry.

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