Create an Invoice from a Quote

In this article we take you through the steps in creating an Invoice from an existing Quote.

Create a Quote help article

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts, Quotes and select the Quote

Note: you can do this via the Job as well

Step 2: Select More and Create Invoice from Quote

Step 3: Select to invoice All items or Selected items

In this example we are invoicing All items. 

Step 4: Select to Keep individual sections or Combine all items into one section

We are selecting to keep individual sections.

Step 5: Select to invoice for Full amount or Part amount

We will select to invoice Part amount.

Select the amount you would like to invoice by entering the Percent amount or Dollar amount and hit OK.

Step 6: Fill in the Add Invoice form

Edit the title, Invoice date and Due date, Assigned Job or Task, Reference number and any Private Notes (Private Notes can't be seen by the customer).

Step 7: Edit the Invoice, select to Send or Preview before sending

Preview Invoice

Select to Export from the options, Print or select to Send.

Send Invoice

Step 1: Select a Recipient

After selecting Send, select a recipient from the list or Add Recipient and select a recipient from your contacts.

Step 2: Edit the Email Message or select a template and Send

Your invoice now shows as being Created and Sent

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