Create a Job from Job Template

In this article we will take you through the steps in creating a Job from a job template. This can be an easier and quicker way to create your jobs.

Creating Job templates

Step 1: Navigate to All Jobs and Add Using Template, or quickly Add Job Using Template via Quick Actions

Step 2: Select the Job Template you want to use

Step 3: Select the Date you want to copy over from the template to your new Job and Save

Set a date for your first Scheduled Task and select all the tasks you want to include in the new Job.

Step 4: Edit your new Job

When in edit mode of the Job you can add specific information for the new Job, assign it to a Customer and user and Save.

Step 5: Edit Scheduled Tasks

Select Scheduled Tasks to edit each tasks details, set a date and time and assign to a user.

Step 6: Select each task to edit its details to suit the new Job

In this example we will go into Task-1063 - Trim.

Step 7: Select Edit

Step 8: Enter all the required information for the Task and Save

Edit the title, start and end date, details, assign the customer and address, assign the task to one of your staff and save.

Go through each tasks and edit as required.

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