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Set a Markup on Supplier Invoices - PlaceMakers customers

In this article we take you through the steps in setting a markup on a PlaceMakers supplier invoice. The markup won't show on the supplier invoice but will be shown under your jobs charges or the invoice you created for your customer.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin and Suppliers

Step 2: Set your Markup and when happy select Save

This can be found under the PlaceMakers Supplier Invoice Import Defaults section.

Step 3: Navigate to Supplier Invoices and select Add

Step 4: Select to Import from PlaceMakers

Step 5: Select Select Job/Task to assign Supplier Invoice to a Job or Task

Step 6: Select Select Job

In this example we are selecting to assign Supplier Invoice to an existing Job.

Step 7: Select a Job

Step 8: Import PlaceMakers Supplier Invoice

Step 9: Select your assigned Job

To see your new markup changes select the assigned Job against the imported Supplier Invoice.

Step 10: Select Charges

Step 11: Select Sections View

Step 12: Select to show Markup

As you can see below, the new Markup has been set.

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