Create Materials when adding Other items

In this article we will take you through the steps to create a material when entering other items to Job Charges, Quotes, Invoices, Supplier Invoices and Orders. This article we use the example of creating a material to a Job Charge.

Step 1: Navigate to Jobs

Step 2: Choose a Job you wish to add Material to

Step 3: Scroll down to charges and Select + on Other Items to add Material

Step 4: Fill out details then select Save

Enter in Item Name, Description, Price, Quantity and make sure to tick 'Create Material Sale Item'. Enter in Buy Price and Sell Price and then select 'Save'.

Step 5: Add Sale Item

Select Tag, and fill out Internal and Supplier Code. Assign to a Supplier and assign the Units. When happy with everything select 'Save'.

Step 6: Find new Material

To make sure you saved it correctly and wish to find the new Material navigate to Sale Items and select 'Materials'.

Search for your new Sale Item under Materials and it should be there.

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