Timesheet by Job Report

This article we will explain the steps in creating a timesheet by job report that you can send to your customers.

Step 1: Navigate to Reports

Step 2: Select Timesheets by Job (New) under Reports

Step 3: Select Jobs

Then find the job you wish to create the report for.

Step 4: Choose Report Grouping

Select 'OK' or to group by a specific field.

Select to group by either Task, User or Date. In this example, we have selected Task.

When chosen specific group click OK.

Step 5: Timesheets by Job by Task

Change the date range as neccessary, tick all the options that apply to you then click Preview to refresh. When happy click Send.

Step 6: Send Timesheets by Job by Task

Select the customer you wish to send to or enter in new customer through Add Recipient.

Step 7: Send Message

Edit the email how you like and when happy click Send.

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