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I need to amend my PlaceMakers order

If you have created an order in NextMinute and submitted it with PlaceMakers you can still make any changes to the order and contact your branch.  

The changes made to your submitted order will only save to NextMinute, you will then need to contact your branch to advise them of the changes and/or send them a copy of the amended order.  You can also call your PlaceMakers branch to cancel the order and create a new order to submit.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts > Orders and select the submitted order you wish to amend

Step 2: Select Change Order

Step 3: Select Yes to Change your order

Read through the note before selecting Yes.

Step 4: Make changes to your existing order or quickly add new materials by selecting + Add a new item

Step 5: Search for Materials to add to your Order

Type the product your needing in to the Search bar and hit enter, narrow your search down by using the category refiners, tick the box to only show products stocked by your branch and tick the box to get pricing. Select the product you want to add to your Order.

Step 6: Enter quantity and Apply

Step 7: Select Save

Step 8: Once you have finished making changes to your order send it off to your PlaceMakers branch and/or give them a call to let them know.

Your order status will now show as Submitted and Locally Modified.

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