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Invoices List Report

Quickly create a report on all your Invoices to save, print or send as required.  You can narrow your report down by turning on Filters.  In the below example we will create a Invoice List Report using the Un-paid invoices and Customer filter.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts > Invoices and select Filters

The Invoices list report is found via the More drop down as shown below.

Step 2: Turn on the Filters needed for your Invoice list Report.  We will turn on the Un-paid Invoices and Customer Filter (see next step on how to Add Customer)

Step 3: After selecting Add, search for the Customer by typing their name into the search bar and hitting enter.  Select the customers name.

Step 4: Go to More and select Invoices List Report.  Below we can see all the un-paid Invoices for Happy Customer, the total, what's been paid and what's due.

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