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What is the difference between Admin users and Mobile users?

🔸 What is an 'Admin User'? 🔸

'Admin Users' have access to everything, typically the business owner, office, project, or management team members. These users retain full control over team access rights.

'Admin User' Features Include:
  • Job & task management
  • Timesheet management
  • Interactive note taking
  • Accounting & billing
  • Integrations with Xero, MYOB, Hardware Supplier
  • Scheduling & reporting
  • Content & messaging management
  • Administration & user permission
  • Job Planning Calendar (Gantt)

🔸 What is a 'Mobile User'? 🔸  

Admin Users control exactly what Mobile Users can see or do using NextMinute. Mobile Users can access Nextminute on any mobile phone with the app or they can log in on the computer. 

'Mobile User' Features Include:
    • Jobs module - add, edit, amend status of jobs, add actual charges.
      • Tasks module - add, edit, amend status of jobs, add actual charges.
        • Timesheets
          • Interactive note taking - photos, notes, scribbles, attach files.
            • Sale Items for recording charges.  
              • In-app messaging.
                • Record time via the timer function, select appropriate labour rates to apply to jobs or tasks.
                  • Amend and edit timesheets.
                  🔸 Please note: The above mentioned 'Mobile User Features' can be turned on or off by the 'Admin Users' 🔸

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