Create a Job from a Quote

Typically once a Quote has been accepted the next logical step would be to create a Job for the work activity.  We show you how you can Create a Job from a Quote in this article.

Step one: Navigate to Quotes from Accounts and select the Quote you would like to Create a Job for.

Step two: Select More from the Actions bar and then select Create Job from Quote

Step three: Fill in the Add Job form

Add Job form continued

After hitting Save, send a notification to the Assigned team member

Your new Job has been created

You can view the Job Details from the Quotes section of NextMinute

Jobs List

Go to your Jobs list to see your newly created Job.  Select the Job to view its Details.  We can see in the below image that there is one Quote against the Job, select to view the Quote. 

To create an Invoice from a Quote then follow the steps in this article - Create an Invoice from a Quote

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