Import Jobs

Here’s a quick guide on how to import your Jobs within NextMinute.

Importing your Jobs list CSV file

Navigate to All Jobs, select More and Import Jobs.

Download the Generic Template to edit with your Jobs list and Save as a CSV File.  When ready select Choose File, select your Jobs CSV file and then Preview

Export your Jobs list from GeoOp and save as a CSV to import into NextMinute.  See screen view and follow the guided points below 1-3.

Choose File:

Navigate to where you saved your Jobs list CSV file, Select and hit Open.

Preview and Import:

Preview the data from the CSV you’ve created and chosen to import. Follow points 1-2 here.

Update your Jobs or Create new Jobs

Your import is now complete

Your import will take a few seconds (dependant on the volume of data you’re introducing to NextMinute) and then you’ll be shown a confirmation like this.

Below is what the Sample CSV File looks like.

Note: any file created in Excel can be saved as a CSV (comma, separated version) file.

You will need to sort your Job information into these column headings:

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