Accounts Template Overview - Desktop

You can edit quotes, invoices, supplier invoices and orders to include and show what you want, it's very easy to customise your accounts document information.  In this article we will show you how to navigate the accounts template using an existing invoice.

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Navigate to the invoice you want to work on and select Edit:

When editing an invoice, it's important to note the invoice you are working on is Locked by you.  That way no one else in your business can simultaneously make changes.  

By choosing edit, you will see the edit bar.  This gives you a range of template options, you can customise the layout, add new sections, re-order sections etc.  Click on the main Header to edit the invoice details.

Make any changes and Save.

You can also edit the invoice header and/or footer information by clicking on either area.  Edit the Section details and description. And add new items, as shown below:

Select Labour, Materials, Disbursements or Other.  

In this example we selected materials, select the material from your list to add.

Tab through the line item to add the quantity and make any edits.  You can also add other items that aren't in your NextMinute Sale Items, as shown below:

Select to show and hide the Markup percent or Discount percent as shown below:

Select to show and hide the Tax Rate, and add Sections, as shown below:

Move the Sections up and Down, as shown below:

Indent Sections left or right, as shown below:

Import from a Quote, Order, Invoice, Supplier Invoice or Pre-Built Template.

Select the Options button to view the printing or column display options you want to use, see details options below:

Please note the closing details of your invoice, can be edited via Admin > Subscription Setup > Account payment details.  These details appear as standard on every invoice you generate.

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