Manage User Roles and Permissions

The roles and permissions you create will be unique to the way you do business.  NextMinute gives you
 full control over the set up of roles and associated user permissions.  We give you an easy to use framework for both the set up and management of roles and permissions.

For example:  
  • You may not want your Mobile users to see any Pricing, this can be turned off via Permissions and turning OFF pricing.
  • You may want your users to only see Jobs and tasks assigned to them, this can be done by ticking "User Assigned" under Jobs and Scheduled Tasks

Let's take a closer look at what you need to do.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin and select Manage Permissions

Step 2: Select Add / Edit Roles

Here you can edit or delete existing roles and add new roles.  

Step 3: Select a Role to view and edit Permissions

In the below image we can see the new role we just added.

Go through each section of the Role Permissions and turn on the permissions for that role.   
As a minimum a user must be able to view Tasks, new roles are created with the lowest level of permissions, you can then build these up as desired.

The default roles used in each new trial also have their own default permissions. These may be useful to have to assign to your different users. Here are some articles on each roles permissions and how they differ:

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