Completing the Setup Checklist - Desktop

This article takes you through the Setup Checklist you need to complete when getting started with NextMinute.  Fill in your subscription setup with all of your Organisation details, Integrations, Branding, Security, Lookup Lists, Templates and GPS Tracking.

Navigate to the Admin section and select Setup Checklist

Step 1: Subscription Setup

Click into Organisation details scroll down each section and fill in the details for your business.  Fill in your organisation and financial details.  Ensure you select your country correctly, so that the country code is generated for cellphone numbers, allowing SMS notifications to send.

Fill in your Quoting and Ordering Configuration.

Fill in your Invoicing numbers and Job Numbers configuration or select to use User Defined Job Numbers.

Finally fill in your Task Number Configuration and Payment Details. For more information on how to Setup Payment Details to appear on invoices.

Step 2: Setup your Integrations

Select Setup Accounting Integration to bring up the Accounting Integration page.

Select your accounting software and go through the log in process.  For more videos and articles on Accounting Integration.

Select Setup Hardware Supplier Integration and go through the log in process with your PlaceMakers KnowMe account.

If you aren't integrating NextMinute with an accounting software select Tax Rates and choose the tax rate your business works with.

You can then select the Tax Rate Defaults for Sales and Purchases

Step 3: Branding

Select Add your logo

Choose a file and select Upload

Step 4: Security

First select Setup user permissions

Add roles and edit their permissions.  For more information on Role Management have a look at the Manage roles and user permissions article.

Then select Invite users to work with you.  Here you can see your existing invited users, you can Invite Existing Contact or Invite New Contact .  For more information go to the Invite users to your account article.

Step 5: Lookup Lists

Click into each list and customise them to suit the way you work.  For a more in-depth example of how to setup lists see the Setup contact types article.

Add, Edit and allocate a colour as necessary. 

Job Types:

Pricing Type:

Job Statuses:


Task Statuses:

Task Categories:

Contact Types:


Sale Item Tags:


Order Vehicle Types:

Note: For PlaceMakers Customers

Step 6: Template Setup

Click into each section to setup the templates. 

Message Templates:

Job Templates:

Job Sheet Templates:

Quote Templates:

Invoice Templates:

Supplier Invoice Templates:

Order Templates:

Pre-Built Sale Item Templates:

Read more here.

Import Templates:

For more information on Getting Started go here on our Knowledge Base.

Step 7: Setup GPS Tracking

Select to setup GPS tracking for Timesheet entries, Jobs & Tasks Status changes, Enable On-site feature for Jobs and Tasks.

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