Integrating Timesheets With Xero Payroll

Nextminute will only display employees timesheets in the Payroll View IF the employees email address in nextminute is IDENTICAL (it is case sensitive) to their email address shown in your accounting software under the employees (contact) details

So, you want to integrate your timesheets with Xero payroll? Its pretty easy! Just follow the below steps and you will be up and running in 10 minutes. Remember, any questions, just ask us! Call us or drop us an email to :)

Step 1. 

Lets make sure that your staff email addresses are exactly the same in NextMinute as they are in Xero. See below of where to check that in Xero.  

Step 2. 

Jump into 'admin' in NextMinute, navigate to Accounting, then click the orange 'Payroll' section. Finally switch on 'Enable Payroll View'

Useful Tip

Step 3. 

Timesheets now shows TWO dropdown options; 'Timesheets' and 'Payroll'. The payroll view is only available to Admin users. Your staff hours will show here, including any back-dated time sheets from the date that you selected earlier. Wow you are already half way there! 

Step 4.

Make sure that the Pay Calendar, and Earnings Rate are equal in both NextMinute and Xero before you sync. If you need to change the earnings rate in NextMinute, go to Admin > Users and select from there. Select the timesheets, once selected press 'Sync' to send to Xero. These will show up as draft entries in Xero Payroll.

NOTE: Once synced, this will LOCK the timesheets within NextMinute from any further changes or additions. 

Step 5.

You are nearly there! Go into Xero, check and approve your time-sheets - Done!

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