OrderIT - Searching for and adding Materials to an Order

In this article we take you through the steps in searching for and adding materials to an Order from your branch and from your PlaceMakers favourites list.

Step 1: Navigate to Orders and select your Order to add Materials to

Step 2: Select to + Add a new item

Add Materials by selecting the + Add a new item button.

Step 3: Search for Materials from your Branch

Search for PlaceMakers products and materials using the search bar and narrow down your search by Category, Class, and SubClass. You can then tick to Show Items that your Branch Stocks.

Turn on Pricing

You can select "Get Pricing" to view product pricing. When happy select the material you wish to add to Order.

Add the Quantity and Save

After selecting an item, enter the quantity and save.

Search for Materials using the product SKU number

Enter the SKU number in the search bar, select the material, add quantity and save.

Search for Materials by entering the Product Name

Use the multi word string search to find a material.

Step 4: Search for Materials from your PlaceMakers Favourites list

From the supplier drop down change to PlaceMakers (Favourites).

Select your Material

You can search for your material in the search bar, narrow your search down by categories and then select your material from the list.
Note: The pricing is $0 until first added to an Order.

Tag Materials

Select to Tag a material and assign one of your sale item tags to it.

Select the sale item tag and save.

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