Quotes & Invoices Terms & Conditions page

In this article we take you through the steps in creating a Terms and Conditions page template for Quotes and then adding that template to a Quote. This is useful for building Quotes and Invoices with a seperate Terms and Conditions page.

Note: In this example we are creating a Quote T&C's page template but the same steps apply for creating an Invoice T&C's page template.

Step 1: Select Admin & Templates

Step 2: Select Add

Select Add next to Quote terms & conditions page, as shown below;

Step 3: Fill in the template and Save

Add a Template Name and copy your terms and conditions into the body of the template.  Make any changes, insert merge fields as required and Save.

Add a T&C's page to an existing Quote.

Step 1: Select the Quote

Go to Accounts, Quotes and select the Quote you wish to add a T&Cs page to.

Step 2: Select More and Add T&C Page

Step 3: Select your Template and Save

Step 4: Select Preview to view T&C page

Click through your quote pages and as you can see below, the Terms and Conditions page is attached to the Quote on the final page.

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