Default to a certain area of NextMinute when logging in

When you log into NextMinute you may want to default to a certain area such as jobs or timesheets.  In this article we take you through the steps in setting a default navigation to a selected area of NextMinute for a user role. This is useful for Admin users to hide main menu options and to set a feature or area of NextMinute to default to when logging in. 

Note: In this example we are setting Timesheets as default but you can also set Calendar, Jobs, Scheduled Tasks, Quotes, Invoices, Orders, Supplier Invoices, Contacts or Sale Items as default for your user.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Users

Step 2: Select a Role

Step 3: Set feature as Default and then Save

Your user will now default to timesheets when logging in.

Desktop View 

Mobile View

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