How to use sections in Quotes

In this article we will show you how you can use sections to better setup your quotes for customers. In this example we will edit an exisiting quote, see Create a Quote - Desktop to see how to create a new quote.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts, select Quotes and select an existing Quote

Step 2: Select Edit

Step 3: Edit the Quote

Within your quote you can edit section header's, section descriptions, add new sections, sub-sections and line items.  You can also write a description for each line item if neccessary and import new sections from pre-built templates to save you from rekeying any data. Also see, How do the printing options work in Invoices and Quotes?

Why would I use sections?

Using sections and sub-sections in your quotes helps to better organise costs and scheduling of work to your team when accepted.  If you break each piece of work down into sections with the required materials, labour and any other charges you can have better visibility of what needs to be done, what the job will cost and what to order from your suppliers. Your customer will also appreciate the cost and job break down. 

When you have more than one section you can move them up or down. Within a section you can add a sub-section or a new section altogether. Also, indent a section to the left or right. 
The sections 1.1 Plank and 1.2 Carpet are sub-sections within flooring and have indent to the right. See, Accounts Template Overview - Desktop.

To import a pre-built template into your quote then navigate to options and select Import then From Pre-Built Template.

Select the template you wish to import then hit OK.

The pre-built template has been imported into your quote.

Edit the new section how you like. In this example, we have moved the section to the bottom and indent to the left. When happy hit save.

Preview your Quote

Once happy with your changes and after saving your quote we suggest you preview your quote before sending to the customer. 
If you only want to show section headers and totals then if you go into edit mode and under the options bar select Show totals for section and Hide all line items.

Then in preview mode this is what your customer will see.

If you wish to give your customer more visibility then in edit mode under the options bar untick Hide all line items and tick the columns you wish to hide from customer when printing.

Then in preview mode this is what your customer will see.

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