Using Pre-Built Templates as kits

In this article we show you how you can edit your pre-built sale item templates and use them as "kits" or pieces of work to import into quotes. 

This is useful for quickly building quotes without having to rekey data.  You can choose to show the section header & description and hide all line items from the customer, allowing you to still have visibility of the materials needed for that specific piece of work.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin and scroll down to Pre-Built Sale Item Templates

Step 2: Select one template from your list (or select to Add a new one)

Step 3: Edit & Save your Pre-Built Template

You can edit your pre-built template how you like. This may include editing your section header and section description, adding materials, labour, disbursements and other line items and/or writing a description for each line item as necessary.  When happy hit Save.

Printing Options
Under Preview & Send heading select Print Options.

Select your section then select Hide all Line Items and Show totals for section, if you have sub-sections you can include totals for these as well. This will hide the line items and only show the section header, description and totals on the quote that you send your customer.  

Note: You can also do this at the quote level, see How do the printing options work in Invoices and Quotes?  

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