Back-Costing Summary Report by Customer

In this article we take you through the steps in creating a back-costing summary report by customer. This is useful to report on all the previous jobs and costs for a specific customer.

Step 1: Navigate to All Contacts and select your Contact

Step 2: Under Reports select Back-costing Summary

The back-costing summary report for this customer now appears in the flyout. Here you can see the fields Total Quoted, Total Ordered, Total Supplier Invoices, Total Invoiced, Invoiced Profit, Total Labour, Total Materials, Total Disbursements, Total Other items, Charges Not Invoiced and Quoted Not Invoiced.

If you wish to view a back-costing summary report for multiple contacts then you can do this by going to All Jobs > Filters > Customer > and add a list of customers there. Feel free to contact for any questions regarding this.

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