Set a Markup for multiple line items

In this article we will take you through the steps to set a markup % for multiple line items in an invoice and a quote within NextMinute.  You can bulk set a discount, markup and quantity for selected line items.
Note: In this example we are setting a Markup within an invoice but the same steps apply for within a quote.

Step 1: Select line items > Selected Items drop down > Set Markup

As shown below we have selected two line items within an invoice and gone to Selected Items and Set Markup.

Step 2: Enter the markup percent and OK

Step 3: The markup has been set

To view the markup select the tag in the grey bar as shown below.  Only you will be able to view the markup, to make sure your customer can't see the markup go into options and columns to hide, see the article; How do the printing options work in Invoices and Quotes.

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