How do I amend invalid tax rates?

In this article we will take you through setting the correct/default tax rate to all line items in an Invoices or Supplier Invoice. When trying to sync an Invoice or Supplier invoice with your accounting provider you may get an error saying you have invalid tax rates set. This can happen if you set up your accounting integration after creating an Invoice, Supplier invoice or Quote.

Step 1: Within a Supplier invoice select Edit

In the below image there is an alert next to the tax rates, we will need to go into Edit mode to set the Tax Rates to the default

Step 2: Imported Supplier Invoice notification, select OK

In this example we are trying to edit an Imported Supplier Invoice, we will get the below notification which means editing is limited.

Step 3: Select the arrow next to Tax rate, as shown below

Step 4: Select Set All and the Default Tax rate from the list

Step 5: All the tax rates have been updated, now Save

Step 6:  You will now be able to successfully sync your Supplier Invoice with your accounting provider

Accounting providers NextMinute Integrates with: Xero, MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Essentials

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