Add extra users to your NextMinute subscription

When you start a trial of NextMinute via your Spark Business Apps account you will select the number of Admin and Mobile users you are wanting.  During your trial or your activated subscription you may reach the max number of users you initially set up, this article will show you the steps to update your subscription.

Adding users - Follow the steps below before inviting users into NextMinute
Removing users - You will first need to disable user access before downgrading your user count via your Spark Business Apps account

Step 1: Log in to your Spark Business Apps account

Step 2: Navigate to Accounts > Applications > Manage > Manage Application

Step 3: Select Update Subscription > Amend user count > Continue

Step 4: Tick the "I agree..." box and Place Order

You can now go back into NextMinute and invite extra users in to your subscription.

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