Tagging Materials - PlaceMakers

When setting up your NextMinute subscription it is a good idea to setup Sale Item Tags so that you can tag your materials into these categories to easily find later Setup Sale Item Tags.

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In this article we will take you through how to tag your PlaceMakers products and where to find them within NextMinute.

After you have added materials from your PlaceMakers pricebook into a Quote, Invoice, Order or Job Charges (Sections View) you will be able to Tag them and add them into Sale Item Tags.  

Select Tag on the left hand side of the Material line item as shown below:

If you have already created your Sale Item Tags you can select from the list and Save or select Edit to add a new one.

Select Add.  You can also edit existing tags here.

Type in the new Sale Item Tag. 

You can also make any other edits to existing tags or add more tags and Save.  

Tick the Tag you would like to Tag the material in to and Save

Finding your tagged materials in Sale Items

Navigate to Materials via Sale Items and select Filters.

Turn On Tag and tick the Sale Item Tag you want to see.  In this example we have turned on Gib Wideline, and can now see all the Materials Tagged in this category.

Finding your Tagged Materials

When adding Material line items to a Quote, Invoice, Supplier Invoice, Order or Job Charges click the Supplier drop down and select PlaceMakers (locally saved/tagged products).

Tick the Tag to view the list of materials tagged to that Tag.

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