Create a Quote - Desktop

Create a quote by going to Quotes via the Accounts drop down menu and select Add OR quickly add a new Quote by selecting Add Quote from the Quick Actions link in the top right hand side menu. You can also create a Quote from a Job or Task.

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Step 1: Navigate to your Quotes and select Add, or Quickly Add a Quote via Quick Actions

Step 2: Add a Quote

Choose from a Blank Quote - here you'd build your quote from scratch adding all labour, materials and disbursements charges appropriate for a job.  Using a Quote, Order, Invoice, Supplier Invoice or Pre-Built template allows you to build a quote with existing charges data from any one of these output options.

Step 3: Add the quote detail

Enter the quote information in the form provided, assign customer and job information at this point.  You have the ability to add new customers, jobs and tasks by clicking through to a contact, job or task form that can then be created here. When happy with everything select save.

Step 4: Build your quote

Select edit to access quote details, sections and begin entering your quote information.

As you've seen with adding actual charges and creating invoices, the quote form works in much the same way.  In the below screen view, we show you how to start building your Quote.

The Options menu allows you to customise the columns and display of the quote grid.  You can choose to hide columns, consolidate or break-out line items and sections. Add a new line item.  Move sections up or down. 

Import from a Quote, Order, Invoice, Supplier invoice or Pre-Built Template.  Indent sections, Add or Delete sections and sub-sections.

Select to Show or hide the Markup percent, Discount percent or Tax Rates.

Continue building your Quote starting with adding Labour, Materials or Disbursement line items that are relevant for your business and the Quote your working on, an example is shown here.

Step 5: Send your Quote

The final step in the process is to issue your Quote via email to your customer or prospect.  Once you're happy with the Quote detail.  This is done easily within NextMinute. The below image also shows that you can  Select to Preview the Quote before sending.  Select More to create an order, invoice, or job from the quote, create a cover page and terms & condition page, accept or reject the quote, save as a pre-built template, add any files or delete the quote. 

Choose the relevant recipients ie: the customer or key contact or add recipients.

Create an email to accompany your Quote, we make it easy with a default Quote Email, you can customise this and access the functionality of NextMinute's Content Management making it easy to draw on standard or pre-drafted copy, merge fields for key job details and templates.

Quote view in NextMinute:

The Quote has now been labelled as being sent.

View the new Quote

Your new Quote will show in your Quotes list, as shown below.

Now turn your new Quote into a Job then follow the steps in this article - Create a Job from a Quote
Create an Invoice from your Quote follow the steps in this article - Create an Invoice from a Quote
Create an order from your Quote - Create an Order for a Supplier from a Quote

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